Upcoming Youth Events

Rather than investing resources and energy on big programs, Charis intentionally focuses on relationships and quality time spent with small groups of students. For this purpose, we do not always have group events on the calendar. We do aim to plan group-wide events at least once per quarter and more frequently in the summer. 

When we do have upcoming events, you will find all the pertinent information here, as well as on our Facebook page. We also use email to make these announcements. If you wish to stay in the loop, please connect with us through one of these mediums.

In addition to group events, our Youth Pastor and volunteer leaders regularly visit Polk County High School and Middle School for lunch. We are also available to meet with students for coffee, meals, and conversation at any time. You are welcome to contact Keith or Jessi at chariscommunity@icloud.com if you would like to get together.


If you are interested in any of our events, please contact Jessi Holmes by texting 828-899-6362 or via email at chariscommunity@icloud.com. You must sign-up prior to the event to make sure we have enough space for everyone.

Charis Youth Ministry

‚ÄčCharis Youth Community is fueled by adults who love Jesus and have a passion for serving teens and young adults.

Our fundamental purpose is for people of all ages to progressively grow together in their understanding of the Gospel. Specifically, we believe the lives of young people are dramatically impacted when caring adults come alongside them. Therefore, we seek to meet teens and young adults on their own turf, in their own unique cultures, and build bridges of authentic friendship. These friendships are not with ulterior motives to "convert," but rather to engage. We desire that young people experience the Gospel healthily, through friends and leaders that they trust, and to whatever degree they are comfortable. Building these kinds of mentoring relationships takes time, patience, consistency, and mutual respect.

How We Accomplish This 

Because we are driven by relationships rather than programs, we intentionally focus on the quality of time spent, rather than the quantity of meetings and events. Sporadically, we do host large group events, but we primarily zero in on small groups divided up by age and gender. This allows leaders to invest more time and attention within these relationships and provide discussions that are both relevant and appropriate for particular age groups. Our time is alternated between junior high, high school, and early college students.

Not A Substitue For Church

It is important to clarify that Charis is a para-church ministry. We are not affiliated with any particular congregation or denomination. We intend to serve as a complement to, not a substitute for, church involvement.

Our intention is always to schedule our meetings around other church happenings so as not to create a conflict for students who are involved elsewhere.

The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. We want to partner with and come alongside community churches to help grow and build their youth groups without creating a conflict of interest.
  2. We want to provide a safe place for students who are either not interested in church or do not have a church home at this time, while also giving them the opportunity to connect with a local church if/when they decide to do so.

One of our desires is to create a network of students, parents, churches, and leaders who desire to do Youth Ministry in Polk, Henderson and surrounding counties. 

There are various ways to participate with us - through prayer support, financial support, serving on our leadership team, plugging your church youth group into our group, and more. If you, your child, or your group is interested in getting involved, please contact Keith or Jessi Holmes at chariscommunity@icloud.com.