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"I would recommend the experience of a guided personal retreat with Cynthia Fore to anyone who is seeking to hear Gods voice in an environment of silence, solitude and support. With Cynthia's guidance through several sessions of practices and discovery, followed by quiet inner reflection and centering prayer, I was able to find my inner thoughts, face the state of my soul and come away with a new 'rule of life.'  She truly has the gift of helping you learn and experience sacred rhythms while creating an environment of rest and no expectations."  

-Sandy Shealy, President, Aloette of Upstate SC 

"My sister has had a life transformation over the years from being someone who was very ‘religious’ and self righteous to someone who is ‘spiritual’ and open, loving, full of grace and compassion.  I can tell you that watching this transformation has been nothing short of a miracle.  Today, she is my confidant, my best friend, my spiritual leader and I am so happy to have her in my life.  She is a ‘missionary’ of sorts...meaning she works with people who love God, believe in God, but have become completely disillusioned with the version of the gospel many Christians are dishing out.  She is truly a breath of fresh air.”

-Michelle Wilson, Cynthia's Sister

“Cynthia has a true gift of listening to the Holy Spirit and drawing people into conversation that will help them reflect and go deeper in areas that need healing.  Her desire to call people out of the busy 'day to day' and into retreat is amazing.  She opens her home with warm hospitality & teaches others to enjoy a cup of tea and discover their 'rule of life.'  Her invitations to learn & experience the spiritual disciplines, alongside her, allows a gentle path to begin these disciplines on your own. My week with Cynthia flew by.  I had no idea I needed a week away from responsibility.  But, in the end that was key to experiencing break thru. Everything Cynthia offers is centered in the gospel.  Her ministry is filled with love and grace.  I highly recommend a retreat with Cynthia Fore, even if it can only be stealing away for an afternoon tea.”
-Michele Beverage, Normal, IL

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Cynthia Fore

Inspiring and motivating others toward spiritual healing, rest and renewal in the stillness of tea time.

About Me

Cynthia has been a true student of the Scriptures since an early age, following the teachings of Jesus. As she learns and applies these discoveries, she teaches from her own transparency. She gives spiritual direction one on one or within groups. She leads contemplative retreats and guides others into discovering their soul's desires for God. Practicing her own disciplined rule of life through Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, journaling, music, art and creation provides the necessary soul space for the contemplative life. Leading others from that center helps to ensure that her listening, direction and teaching come from a "resting in God" space.  

She has a certificate in Spiritual Transformation with The Transforming Center and is working on becoming a commissioned presenter for Introduction to Centering Prayer workshops through Contemplative Outreach. Cynthia trains for Spiritual Direction with Christos Center for Spiritual Formation. Her ministry has often been referred to as "outside the box" as she tends to find herself with people and in places less traditional than most. Paradoxically, as a member of an Episcopal church, she serves on a rotation cycle as Lector, Chalice bearer and Lay Eucharistic Minister. She is available for Spiritual Direction for individuals, facilitator of groups and retreat leader as well as presenter of Introduction to Centering Prayer workshops. 

Cynthia is married to John and has three grown children, Gabriel, Elizabeth and Luke; one daughter-in-law, Allyson and two amazing grandsons, Truman and Oliver. Knitting, drinking Ragamuffin Tea, watching movies, reading, getting to the ocean as often as possible, extending hospitality to others and mixing cocktails are some of her other enjoyments.

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Cynthia has followed God’s call into full-time ministry and is financially dependent on the charitable giving of her supporters. Ministry support is provided through the Charis Community, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. If you feel led to participate financially in this ministry, you can make a one-time donation or sign-up for recurring EFT by clicking the appropriate PayPal button below.